Features & Benefits

  • BondPlanner is your sustained record of capital needs for the management of your district portfolio.
  • BondPlanner is your consistent data source. No matter the personnel changes you experience, your data stays with the district.
  • Imagine knowing that your data is accessible by you and your assigned users virtually any time from any device at any location
  • Imaging knowing that your data is is backed up throughout the day and in a data center with fail-over capability.
  • Imagine being able to update plan scenarios with a click of the mouse during committee meetings.

GenEral Info

  • We create your user accounts 
  • We enter your campus data to provide a starting point
  • We can assist with additional data entry--ask about this
  • We backup on 5 minute intervals
  • You own your data. Think of BondPlanner as a custodian that doesn't sleep

See, know and do

BondPlanner gives you control of your data

Campus Catalog, Building Systems and Facility Assessments

  • More than a campus directory
  • Identify, assess, track and report on assets
  • Assign key building systems to assets
  • OmniClass used for building systems and assessments
  • Perform your own assessments or enable 3rd parties to assess and submit data directly into BondPlanner
  • Plan for Building Systems service life and replacement costs
  • Dashboard that shows needs years into the future

Projects and Funding scenarios

  • Create Projects and Sub-Projects
  • Contingency rates can be set and automatically applied to your projects
  • Easily create multiple scenarios
  • Enable teams to update scenarios simultaneously
  • Add or remove projects with the click of a mouse and see your scenario            $ estimate update immediately
  • Dashboard provides timeline and draw schedule view based on project planned dates
  • Enable your team, school board and others to view summary or detailed info