Has Your School District Bond Planning Information Just Walked Out The Door?

For many school districts, every 3-4 years marks a transition. Their key person involved in bond planning Departs and joins another school district.

This could be a time to celebrate someone's success or it could be a time to worry. Is your bond planning information staying with your school district or is it walking out the door?

This is a legitimate question, and one that you should be asking yourself. We're not saying this is malicious, but we know of districts where this personnel transition led to months of lost time while attempting to locate or reproduce bond planning information. 

We'd like to offer a suggestion...get BondPlanner.

BondPlanner will be your long-term source of bond planning information no matter who stays or leaves. It will also be your single source of truth, retaining all of the information for the projects that didn't make it into your most recent bond, which you'll need for your next funding measure.

Set yourself up for success. Get BondPlanner!

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